[TOTW] S05W2 Winners!


Team of the Week Winners!


The Borussia Monchengladbach keeper in with his second TOTW in a row.

This weekend Nemesis pulled of 60 saves in 9 matches which is an outstanding achievement for any goalkeeper. Seems to be that he’s going to be a vital player if his team are going to push for the Bundesliga title. He’s received 4 MOTM awards this weekend and hopefully we continue to see him adding to his collection.

kaiser i 5 i

Another player in with back to back TOTWs.  During this weekend’s games Kaiser pulled off 24 interceptions and 26 tackles and four goals and two assists! Palace are pushing for the BPL title and Kaisers defending is going to be key, but if he keeps playing like this, keeping clean sheets and even scoring bicycle kicks then they’ll have a very strong chance.

finchy stryda

Another centre half who’s impressing for his team. Wolfsburg are definitely in with a shout of winning the Bundesliga especially with this man in their defence. With 29 interceptions and 14 tackles made it’s no surprise that he’s in TOTW. He also contributed to scoring as he got two goals this weekend.

v13 nesta

The Atletico Madrid manager has cruised his team to the top of the La Liga BBVA with ease. He has a strong team around him but with his performances with 26 interceptions and 11 tackles, also including 2 MOTM and 2 Clean Sheets. Nesta may be on his way to back to back titles but if he keeps playing like this they may have the title won sooner rather than later.

tank l 4

During this weekend’s games, this centre half has been impressing already since his transfer window move. Racking up 19 Interceptions and 24 tackles for his team in only 5 games. His team currently sit mid-table but with this man in their defence maybe they can push for a top four place in the coming weeks.


This defensive midfielder found himself in TOTW due to his outstanding performances for his team. 33 interceptions and 39 tackle’ in this weekend’s and also 3 goals and 7 assists! If he keeps playing like this then maybe he’ll have his spotted booked in this year’s TOTS. On the defensive side he kept two clean sheets in 6 games. He also produced 27 key passes for the men in front!


This man is no stranger to TOTW. This weekend alone he has produced 59 interceptions along with 21 tackles. Those stats just showcases what kind of player Smithy is. During the games, he picked up 5 MOTM awards which is an incredible achievable for the midfielder.  He has shown his value to the team and maybe help them get there title challenge back on track.

robbo 282

Picking up 6 goals and 4 assists in 10 games is quiet impressive. Including 26 interceptions which is impressive in itself, he also went onto make 13 tackles. Robbo has been on VFA since the very start and he has been impressing in midfield ever since. Currently at Wolfsburg, he may be a key player in helping them challenge for the title.

plainzy hotdog

A familiar face to TOTW, Plainzy scored 5 goals and assisting his team mates 10 times while also picking up the MOTM award on two occasions. Also creating 18 key passes and a pass completion of 80%. The Werder Bremen manager is still in with a shout at the title should he continue this great form.


Another Wolfsburg man in TOTW. Brindos scored 8 times and assisted 8 which shows how much of a vital player he is to Wolfsburg. With the Bundesliga title race looking ever so exiting, Wolfsburg will hope that they are in the running come the end of the season.  Brindos made 16 key passes as a striker which is outstanding. The Wolfsburg manager has got a good string of results as of late and will hope that it continues.

jordan l 18 l

In 10 games Jordan scored 12 goals and also assisting his team mates times. Jordan has been in TOTW plenty of times, but now at a different league he will hope to get his team into the top four and challenge for the Bundesliga title. In the 10 games Jordan played it, he was awarded MOTM 5 times.


  1. Profile photo of Boardy l1l
    Boardy l1l 1 year ago

    GET IN THERE!! @mfinch48 @bigdave282 @brindos. Let’s hope for another great weekend big well done lads!!

  2. Profile photo of Robbo282
    Robbo282 1 year ago

    Cheers boardy my love! Congrats to everyone, well played!

  3. Profile photo of AcM Adams I 6
    AcM Adams I 6 1 year ago

    Yes get in, congrats to those that made it

  4. Profile photo of man wiv plan
    man wiv plan 1 year ago

    well done lads and my old fav nem 2 x in a row keep it up mate

  5. Profile photo of Mahoney I 15 I
    Mahoney I 15 I 1 year ago


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