TheVFA Midweek Super League B

TheVFA Midweek Super League A 

Kicked off last night!

Very Competitive Games, not sure any club is unbeaten in the first night other than maybe Kaizer Cheifs?

Was how Fifa should be played and had some surprising results!

Good luck to all those involved, love seeing my own players on the opposition side to SNAP!

TheVFA Midweek Super League B 

I have made 15 clubs in the job center 0 Domestic Coaching Badges and 0 European Coaching Badges to give new players and potential managers a chance to get promoted into TheVFA Midweek Super League A for next season.

For those taking teams if you don’t have 7+ players signed by Saturday at midnight you will not be entered into TheVFA Midweek Super League B.

Therefore I suggest asking your friends and players on the site before taking teams!!

Simple rule for me is…. ask 10 other players, if 6 say yes, ask another 4, if 2 say yes ask another 2 until you have 11 first team players then sign plus backups or potential improvements on what you have!

Job Center link below 🙂

TheVFA Job Center


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  1. Profile photo of whirlwind2025
    whirlwind2025 3 months ago

    Nice idea. Good start to the season from us

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