We're On Our Way Back - Bigger Than Ever

A Message From VFA Blaps & TheVFA Team

We’ve been very quiet the past few months but we can finally now update you all and let you know what’s been happening and what will be happening.

Some Minor Notes/Concerns

To address some emails we have received – I’ve taken from the top list over the past 60 days:

We are not affiliated with any websites who claim to be ‘VFA Rebranded’ or ‘VFA Relaunched’ under any name. If its not at then it’s not TheVFA – please be careful with these websites if you do play there as if they are lying about this then it can only be assumed this may be a phishing scam.

We are also not merged with any other site currently nor are there any plans in the pipeline.

We have not been ‘bought out’, 'taken over' or 'moved'.

Any Website using TheVFA logo or name outside of this website is not doing so with our consent.

To the 5 emailers that were concerned; I am not dead.

Onto TheVFA business at hand….

The Past

It’s been a long time since TheVFA first launched back in 2015 and it’s been a journey to say the least. When TheVFA first launched, it had simple goals: Innovate don't imitate whilst offering more than a forum based pro clubs website for the FIFA community. I think it’s safe to say we smashed those goals and raised the bar for all other FIFA pro clubs sites old and new.

With threats, attacks and full out war declared from some other sites/individuals we may have ruffled a few feathers with our general approach and open honesty at the flaws of the time. Whilst we can appreciate the harsh reactions of some, we all need to remember competition is always healthy! – that point is clearly proven now by all those who have now majorly upped their game, improved their websites and offer their members something much better than what was being offered by them before - even the ones that flat out copied us and our features, we take it as a compliment and we support you. The whole community benefits from this.

Kudos to each and all those sites who are still around, we never look at them as rivals – we look at them as part of this pro clubs community who enjoy the game like we do, we are all the future of each other’s success as well as pro clubs as a game mode. As always, we will never tell you where you can and can't play FIFA Pro Clubs.

The Present

#FixFifa really messed with the community and all pro clubs websites out there. Whilst it was one of the more annoying FIFA times in recent years it showed one thing that many perhaps missed – All Pro clubs communities and players stood together, took it directly to EA and got results. It was a nice moment to see us all come together away from rivalries – it, for us, was a glimpse at what can be achieved when we act as a community. Pro clubs players are 2nd class citizens when compared to FUT players in EA’s eyes – but when we are standing together and are vocal, we are big enough to matter – we need to remember this and use this as a community. We firmly believe the future of FIFA e-sports lays in pro clubs and not in FUT or any other game mode - that future can only happen with a community pushing for it.

#FixFifa hit our plans HARD. We, like many others strongly voiced our concerns to EA. Unfortunately for us the December fix for pro clubs came too late and the delay had already damaged our plans which saw us fall off the radar the last 4-6 weeks. The issue was funding for the ambitions we had coming into FIFA 18. Whilst funding via investment had been found externally, the delay to the patch from EA saw that funding withdrawn taking with it the new design, tools, and VFA 2.0.

TheVFA is run by many volunteers (who we wholeheartedly appreciate) but all of the coding, updates, tools, features and bugfixes come solely from myself (VFA Blaps). Personal commitments and busy day jobs affect all of us and I am no different without the support required.

The Future

We have been approached by a reputable agent who deals heavily within the e-sports industry. After going over the ambitions, the new design and the future of TheVFA they have now agreed to enter as an investor and supporter to our cause. This is great news for the future of the website and the direction we are looking to move in, it will call for some major changes and overhauls but none that will deter us from our goal.

Our plan is to now raise the bar again like we did on our original launch. We have a new design, many many new features and fixes for everything in TheVFA World. We will be stripping out the stuff that wasn’t liked, improving the stuff that was liked and adding some new features to enhance your FIFA pro clubs experience further than ever before.

The new system will also allow for major updates with much more ease. Updates will now be bi-monthly with new features going live regularly and any bugs fixed quickly.

There will also be a major overhaul of staff, roles and gaming modes. We will be introducing VFA Draft alongside 5 other game modes spanning all 7 days of the week for UK/Europe, USA & Australia time zones.

Signups/current members will also be receiving a massive overhaul. We will no longer be accepting unsolicited new signups whatsoever, all new referred members will be fully vetted and all duplicate accounts/members removed. TheVFA will be becoming more exclusive and we will be pushing our members towards our goal of esports franchise.

VFA 2.0 will without doubt be another huge step forward for pro clubs as a pastime and specifically for pro clubs as a recognised esport.

Whilst we cannot reveal too many details, expect to see major improvements and new features.

Currently we have 621 items on our change list, 51 items on our new tools/features list and a complete revamp for TheVFA brand and website. We do not currently have a set date, however, we are working around the clock with the new investor to get the website back up better than ever. Full updates will be communicated via twitter and email to existing members.

VFA Premium - Limited Time Offer

As part of the exciting news of VFA 2.0 – we are now offering advanced purchases of VFA Premium at a discounted rate for existing members Only.

Any & all financial support from our members is funnelled directly back into VFA improvements & features as always.

Features included in VFA Premium

500,000 Coins per month - worth £2.99
1 Free Release per month - worth £4.99
Access to Premium Only Forum Groups
Access to Premium Only Chat Groups
Access to Premium Stats information
Access to VFA Scouting Tools
Website Premium Flair
Website Investor Flair
10% Discount on coin purchases
15% Discount on Real World Merchandise Purchases
15% Discount on Coin Shop Items (cars, houses etc)
Priority Manager Consideration
Priority VFA Draft Participation
Access To Premium Only Tournaments
Option Of Beta Testing New Features
Secret Perks TBA
Many Many More Features TBA
Guaranteed access to VFA 2.0
Restricted to 1 purchase of 1 membership per user
Refund Available anytime upto site launch

1 Month VFA Premium

Usually: £6.99
Early Access Price: £5.49
Save: £1.50 (21% off)

3 Months VFA Premium

Usually: £19.99
Early Access Price: £13.99
Save: £6.00 (30% off)

6 Months VFA Premium

Usually: £37.49
Early Access Price: £23.99
Save: £13.50 (36% off)