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Welcome to TheVFA top ranked players leaderboard. Each player's rank is calculated using our custom formula of totw/tots points for all games played and other criteria such as GP, wages earned, bonuses earned and other website related statistics. This wealth of information produces a player’s ‘Guide Value’ and each player is assigned a rank based on their value in comparison to every member on the website.

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Top 50 VFA Ranked Players This Week
Weekly RankPlayerCurrent ClubMP PosGPAvg RatingGuide Value
#1Profile Photo Willo I 10 I CDM937.610.24 M
#2Profile Photo dP II Paul II Profile Photo VFA ChelseaCDM1828.119.71 M
#3Profile Photo TiptoeReggeaboy Free AgentCM1777.417.6 M
#4Profile Photo Magic l 9 l Free AgentST2408.326.88 M
#5Profile Photo tonicdawson Free AgentST2438.536.75 M
#6Profile Photo dP De Gea Profile Photo VFA ArsenalGK1937.319.53 M
#7Profile Photo WELSH SPONGE Profile Photo VFA Port ValeST648.35.86 M
#8Profile Photo Luiz II 30 II Free AgentCB1048.111.82 M
#9Profile Photo I Scott HD Free AgentGK1367.412.55 M
#10Profile Photo Mathewsmitty Free AgentGK2237.330.42 M
#11Profile Photo xD SnIpEzZ1 Free AgentCDM3027.738.84 M
#12Profile Photo dP Pooley Profile Photo VFA ArsenalCAM818.06.63 M
#13Profile Photo extreme python2 Free AgentCB1007.613.45 M
#14Profile Photo HaydieT Free AgentCAM3727.850.3 M
#15Profile Photo Brad I 8 Free AgentCB2677.832.98 M
#16Profile Photo DeclanHealey94 Profile Photo VFA Port ValeST588.45.32 M
#17Profile Photo ICEMAN BROCK Free AgentCDM3357.447.95 M
#18Profile Photo x Squiz x Free AgentCB1547.717.47 M
#19Profile Photo V4 Vieira Free AgentCB4167.450.63 M
#20Profile Photo WELSH WATERBOY Profile Photo VFA Port ValeCAM718.05.56 M
#21Profile Photo xOH TemPerZ Free AgentRB2177.622.37 M
#22Profile Photo Chris114222 Profile Photo VFA OldhamCAM1307.612.46 M
#23Profile Photo Dani3ll3 00 Profile Photo VFA Manchester UtdCB2947.637.05 M
#24Profile Photo Ch4oS x D3MON Free AgentCB2127.720.19 M
#25Profile Photo Hughesy37 Free AgentST477.86.5 M
#26Profile Photo John Doeball Free AgentST2047.522.42 M
#27Profile Photo I LUK3 I 04 Free AgentCM3098.041.74 M
#28Profile Photo skriney Profile Photo VFA OldhamCB1097.810.87 M
#29Profile Photo bigaj95 Free AgentCM1757.720.99 M
#30Profile Photo LoneLeprechuan Free AgentCDM637.89.33 M
#31Profile Photo Synyster Miller Free AgentCDM977.912.79 M
#32Profile Photo SUPERSH4GGY Free AgentGK2137.225.35 M
#33Profile Photo Fractured Life Free AgentCB758.011.02 M
#34Profile Photo Mgk Zombie Maul Free AgentGK257.43.32 M
#35Profile Photo iF Griezmann 7 Profile Photo VFA ChelseaCB2047.820.68 M
#36Profile Photo ezi CM537.95.49 M
#37Profile Photo Goarnstoke Profile Photo VFA Port ValeST628.03.73 M
#38Profile Photo MOBZ GRAVY 91 Free AgentST2268.025.48 M
#39Profile Photo Bubble2838 Profile Photo VFA Leicester CityST1118.110.28 M
#40Profile Photo Bc Trojan 74 Free AgentCAM2397.125.78 M
#41Profile Photo KingSmudge17 Free AgentCB437.73.85 M
#42Profile Photo Mc iSmithy x Free AgentCAM1518.114.6 M
#43Profile Photo Fame Quality Free AgentCAM407.55.47 M
#44Profile Photo Epiic KiLl3r x Free AgentCDM777.79.53 M
#45Profile Photo Wes I 14 Free AgentCM2287.529.79 M
#46Profile Photo Travis NTFC Free AgentST217.33.46 M
#47Profile Photo Fear1ess87 Free AgentCAM2327.321.48 M
#48Profile Photo oIHendo Free AgentCAM1418.319.66 M
#49Profile Photo JAYRUFC1981 Profile Photo VFA West HamCAM1397.312.03 M
#50Profile Photo I Harky I Free AgentLB317.93.24 M

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