Top 25 Managers

Current Longest Serving Managers
RankManagerClubContract StartedDays In ChargeGames In Charge
#1Profile Photo V4 Vieira Profile Photo VFA Arsenal FC2017-05-04 15:13:51169 Days108 Games
#2Profile Photo Bensbladez Profile Photo VFA Sheffield United2017-05-09 18:56:57163 Days111 Games
#3Profile Photo I LUK3 I 04 Profile Photo VFA Benfica2017-06-05 14:05:15137 Days15 Games
#4Profile Photo DeclanHealey94 Profile Photo VFA Port Vale2017-06-08 13:24:38134 Days115 Games
#5Profile Photo V8 Iniesta Profile Photo VFA Boca2017-06-17 11:39:53125 Days14 Games
#6Profile Photo ICEMAN BROCK Profile Photo VFA Celtic2017-06-17 18:30:29124 Days16 Games
#7Profile Photo Finchy I 8 I Profile Photo VFA Burnley2017-07-01 12:04:13111 Days67 Games
#8Profile Photo VFA Evo Profile Photo VFA Colo-Colo2017-07-01 12:51:33111 Days0 Games
#9Profile Photo Webster I 99 Profile Photo VFA Kobenhaven2017-07-05 15:52:24107 Days8 Games
#10Profile Photo l 9 l SIDDALL Profile Photo VFA Southend2017-07-05 18:03:29106 Days74 Games
#11Profile Photo Pricey777 Profile Photo VFA Brighton2017-07-06 11:48:53106 Days66 Games
#12Profile Photo MR I AM WILL Profile Photo 2017-07-10 22:30:52101 Days0 Games
#13Profile Photo V4 Vieira Profile Photo VFA Arsenal FC2017-07-11 09:55:34101 Days53 Games
#14Profile Photo Ruzz Buzz Profile Photo VFA Oldham2017-07-11 12:50:05101 Days65 Games
#15Profile Photo Mueliho9 Profile Photo VFA Rangers2017-07-11 21:33:33100 Days0 Games
#16Profile Photo I Alex 7 I Profile Photo VFA Porto2017-07-13 08:17:4599 Days0 Games
#17Profile Photo xONaMaD 1 Profile Photo 2017-07-13 12:14:4599 Days0 Games
#18Profile Photo FutChampsXX123 Profile Photo VFA Rochdale2017-07-13 16:35:0698 Days65 Games
#19Profile Photo SDMN fan 123 Profile Photo VFA Olympiakos2017-07-13 18:41:5898 Days0 Games
#20Profile Photo LeedsLadMOT Profile Photo 2017-07-18 12:17:3894 Days0 Games
#21Profile Photo witty87 Profile Photo 2017-07-18 15:11:0894 Days0 Games
#22Profile Photo BazPets77 Profile Photo 2017-07-20 22:12:5591 Days0 Games
#23Profile Photo fishyjuice3456 Profile Photo 2017-07-22 14:01:0790 Days0 Games
#24Profile Photo Thrasher B x Profile Photo VFA Swansea2017-07-22 15:16:2490 Days58 Games
#25Profile Photo Focus Courtois Profile Photo 2017-07-22 22:15:3189 Days0 Games

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