[SPOTLIGHT] vFamousss Signs for VFA Liverpool

v Famousss Joins VFA Liverpool

Striker in Sensational Switch

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One of the most impressive transfer stories to emerge in VFA history became a reality just a couple of days ago with VFA Liverpool securing the signature of the highly-rated striker known as vFamousss having switched from one title contender to another. The arrival will be sure to shake up the squad and give Liverpool the advantage over other title chasing teams.

vFamous is regarded as one of the biggest names within TheVFA and he boasts an impressive record on the pitch both this season and throughout his career. As a striker who can offer more than just goals he has managed to become quite an attractive prospect with a lot of teams and is definitely one to watch.


Player Interview (vFamousss)

Q) What was your reasons for leaving Arsenal?

A) “I decided to leave Arsenal because I fancied a change and the type of football that they play doesn’t suit my game. Liverpool offered me an opportunity to join them and I felt as though it was something I couldn’t turn down.”

Q) Why Liverpool, what can you offer them?

A) “I’ve decided to join Liverpool because they’ve got a strong squad with some of the best players in the VFA already being part of the team. I’m a striker who can offer them lots of goals and assists as well as being a team player.”

Q) How do you compare your title chances at Liverpool compared to Arsenal?

A) “I think Liverpool have a better chance of bringing home the title due to the fact they are much better at passing the ball and are more consistent throughout the course of a season than Arsenal.”

Only time will tell as to what vFamous will be able to achieve whilst at his latest club but we will be keeping an eye on him that’s for sure! Some would say that it was a bold move to leave title favourites but could it be a stroke of genius?

Author – VFA Hatton

Graphic – VFA Quinn

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  1. Profile photo of VFA Kaiser
    VFA Kaiser 1 year ago

    Whats good for the goose ……..

  2. Profile photo of VFA HaydieT
    VFA HaydieT 1 year ago

    ?? top signing Liverpool getting stronger

  3. Profile photo of VFA Kaiser
    VFA Kaiser 1 year ago

    Nice article Hatton, good work m8

  4. Profile photo of IE IMI IR IE 23
    IE IMI IR IE 23 1 year ago

    Arsenal title favorites since,when lol???

  5. Profile photo of BanoonyV2
    BanoonyV2 1 year ago

    holy shit couldnt give a fuck

  6. Profile photo of V4 Vieira
    V4 Vieira 1 year ago

    Great right up Hatton 🙂

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