[SPOTLIGHT] VFA Sevilla FC Under New Management!

Sevilla FC under New Management

VFA Sevilla FC Under New Management!

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Sevilla FC Chairman made it no secret the the club was desperate to land a new Manager, in an attempt to turn the clubs fortunes around after a disappointing start to season 6. Currently sat in 13th in BBVA, it would take a brave man or someone wanting to impress TheVFA world to take on the vacancy.

The club have officially announced, that Shiftyyy l 8 is the man to take the club forward. The young Manager has experience from other clubs around the FIFA world, and has a clear plan for Sevilla’s future success.

We caught up with Shiftyyy l 8 earlier today and clearly intends on creating a lasting impression.

“My plans for Sevilla are a top 10 finish this season, maybe a top 5 finish isn’t far out of reach. I’m concentrating on rebuilding the team, and so far it’s going in the right direction. A solid defence is key, and I will be working from the backline forwards when bringing new players into the squad. We are trialling players as much as we can, and welcome users in the following positions Goalkeeper, both Full Back spots, Centre Back, and Defensive Midfield Players.”

“We aren’t frightend of anyone, and we can and will compete with the best, providing we work together as a team. Other teams should be afraid of us.”

Shiftyyy l 8 is a very confident Manager, will he be the man to bring Sevilla to the forefront of Spanish and European Football? Only time will tell, but with his clear plan and dedication, you would be a fool to bet against him.


Author – VFA Will

Graphic – VFA Quinn

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    Baines I 3 I x 1 year ago

    yeah nice manager… Lol

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    Fs Kaiser 1 year ago

    Yeah that nice he cant even make the first game, SPOTLIGHT on the Incapable !!

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    RC7 x Beckham 1 year ago

    i want to be in spotlight

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