[SPOTLIGHT] on Robbo282

Spotlight on Robbo282

Spotlight on Robbo282

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An insight into Manchester United, Robbo has had an impressive career and performed season after season but he has now ended up at Manchester United whom are on of the several teams that are competing for silverware in the Premier League. Primarily a winger, who can also play upfront has become one of the first names on the team sheets while at United.

His performances of late have been excellent and Manchester United have been able to solidify themselves as title contenders. We spoke to Robbo just after one of his league games to get some information about the current season at United.

Q) Personally, how are you finding the current season?

A) “I feel the current season started of slow for Manchester United but as we added more players to the squad and people like Jonesbladez have come into form the team is now playing well and looking strong.”

Q) What are the expectations at Manchester United?

A) “Expectation are always high at United, it’s a well ­known club and of course we want to win things. Now that Steza has been added to the team we will be able to start pushing for silverware. He’s a great player.”

Q) Opinions on the title race?

A) “Well you’ve got Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Liverpool amongst us to make it an extremely tough race but we want to do well so they’ll be a lot of interesting twists and turns to come. I’m sure every team will be expecting that.”

Another team has been added to the Premier League title race with United now coming into form just at the right time. Teams will have to watch out for them and it’s going to go right down to the wire to see who will be champions of England.

Author – VFA Hatton

Graphic’s – VFA Will

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  1. Profile photo of NemesisTenno
    NemesisTenno 1 year ago

    Decent Hatton, but please revise a dictionary next time lol.

  2. Profile photo of BanoonyV2
    BanoonyV2 1 year ago

    good alright, but lets be honest, no one gives a fuck bout this

  3. Profile photo of MosesCurve
    MosesCurve 1 year ago

    ^ agreed, trying to be VFL too much on a site that barely even gets games played. when you can get 9+ players in teams that actually turn up on their game days then you can call this a competitive site, until then i’m not playing another game here.

    it’s like playing organised drop in games.

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    I MaGiiCzz 16 I 1 year ago

    Mine man robbo

  5. Profile photo of Robbo282
    Robbo282 1 year ago

    I never said liverpool were in the title race!

  6. Profile photo of ICEMAN BROCK
    ICEMAN BROCK 1 year ago

    ????? Shame on you Robbo begging for this ?????

  7. Profile photo of Robbo282
    Robbo282 1 year ago

    You know me all ways begging for things! All im saying is i got asked questions and i did’nt say a lot of whats written there!

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