[NEWS][VOTE] TheVFA Season 8 ECC & Season 9 Vote

The Virtual Football Association is reaching the end of our 8th season on Fifa pro clubs leagues!

With the end of the 8th season this week, we are ready to have our international competition & get Season 9 ready for the community.

European Championship (Internationals)

Falling on the back of our very successful VFA World Cup after Season 6, its now time at the end of Season 8 for our European Championship.

32 European teams will take part in a bid to be crowned international champions ahead of Fifa 17 Season 9.

The Fifa 17 pro clubs European Championship will take place next weekend with games on Friday 11th November, Saturday 12th November & Sunday 13th November – game times from 8pm-9.30pm GMT

The ECC will follow a similar format as TheVFA World Cup did – full details will be released in the next couple of days and managers will be contacted by their league admins.

Season 9 Vote!

We are always looking to the community to see exactly what you want to do with formats and the future of TheVFA Fifa 17 pro clubs leagues.  We have many options available and our key aim is to reduce defaults to zero and provide the competitive and superior environment for all our pro clubs players.

With that in mind the 4 options on the table for next season are as follows:

Option 1

4 x Top Flight Leagues of 12 teams- (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A)
1 x Domestic Cup Per League (VFA Cup, Copa Del Rey, DFB Pokal Cup & Coppa Italia)
2 x European Cup – (Champions League – 32 Teams) + (UEVFA Cup)

Season Length: 4-5 Weeks

Option 2

4 x Leagues of 12 teams- (Premier League, Championship, La Liga & Adelante) w/ Promotion and Relegation
1 x Domestic Cup Per League (VFA Cup & Copa Del Rey)
1 x European Cup – (Champions League – 32 Teams)

Season Length: 4 Weeks

Option 3

2 x Full Leagues – Premiership & Championship (20 & 24 teams) w/ Promotion and Relegation.
3 x Domestic Cups (VFA Cup – Both Divisions, League Cup – Prem only & League Trophy – Champs only)

Season Length: 5 Weeks

Notes:  There will be no European Trophies

Option 4

3 x Super Leagues (divisions) of 16 teams w/ Promotion and Relegation across all 3
4 x Domestic Cups (1 x per League and 1 x with all teams in)

Season Length: 5 Weeks

Notes:  This will move away from the traditional format into a super league format

Please place your votes below!  Voting will close just before the ECC kicks off next week with Season 9 kicking off shortly after

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  1. Profile photo of Xabi14 x
    Xabi14 x 11 months ago

    How do we choose our nationality?

    • Profile photo of Robbo282
      Robbo282 11 months ago

      It’s on your profile buddy!

      • Profile photo of Xabi14 x
        Xabi14 x 11 months ago

        I know it is but I can’t change it and I never got the chance to choose nationality for world cup either.

        • Profile photo of TheVFA Author
          TheVFA 11 months ago

          Nationality is currently locked but will be opened at the end of the season. Details will come shortly

  2. Profile photo of TBE I Barnsey
    TBE I Barnsey 11 months ago

    How do u get an international team to manage I’d be interested when there out

  3. Profile photo of NATO PAIINZ
    NATO PAIINZ 11 months ago

    Yh I would love to manage an International team

  4. Profile photo of Dani3ll3 00
    Dani3ll3 00 11 months ago

    Deffo want to manage a international team so make sure ya ask me @vfa-blaps @vfa-evo @vfa-will

  5. Profile photo of rxymez
    rxymez 11 months ago

    Would love to manage international team so message me!

  6. Profile photo of SleepingCorgi28
    SleepingCorgi28 3 months ago

    How do i find the list of the international teams availble in vfa !!

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