[NEWS][Update] TheVFA Upgrades & Changes – Relaunched

We’re back!

The website is now back online after a short delay and a few blips along the way.

The website has been restructured and had some major changes on the back-end as well as the front.

You may notice a lot of ‘Launching Soon’ links on certain items across the website – these are new features that have been completed/near completed which we are looking to go into this update. We don’t want to overwhelm you by releasing them all at once and we also want to make sure the performance of the site is quicker and more streamlined before introducing these features and tools.

All of these features will be fully released one after the other over the next 2-4 weeks.

There are also bound to be a number of bugs on the website – we are working around the clock for the next 2-4 weeks on bug fixing and releasing the newest features and tools. If you spot a bug please report it directly to VFA Blaps or post it in the relevant forum.

Season 10 starts next Tuesday and League admins will be in touch with relevant managers. Any questions then please contact a staff member.


  1. Profile photo of The Rock3t
    The Rock3t 8 months ago

    Glad to see the update is coming. When is everything expected to be finalized?

  2. Profile photo of FriendlyFoxTale
    FriendlyFoxTale 4 months ago

    is serie a coming to vfa?

  3. Profile photo of AcePritch15
    AcePritch15 3 months ago

    GAMERTAG – AcePritch15
    POSITION – Mainly GK or RB, CB, LB, CDM if needs
    RATING – GK(92) RB(95) LB(95) CB(95)
    AVAILABILITY – Monday, Wednesday , Friday, Sunday
    AGE – 17
    MIC – YES
    HOW I PLAY OUTFIELD – 1) Keep the ball on the floor
    2) Always play simple pass and move
    3) always look fit the ball back
    4) play tiki taka football
    HOW I PLAY IN NET – 1) Play out from the back
    2) Confident when the ball id played back to me
    3) Look forward straight away for counter attacks
    4) Good at saving 1 on 1’s and decent at sweats
    5) always talk to my back four
    PM ME ON XBOX IF YOU WANT ME AND WHAT TEAM Preferably a team that has experienced player that meets all these points
    1) always talks to eachother and no Critism
    2) always encourages eachother
    3) keeps the ball on the floor and play long if needs be
    4) have good players and looking for a win

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