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Prem Title Race

BPL Title Race Heats Up!

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With the Season now reaching midway for most we have quite a race to look upon in the VFA Premier League, with the new system in place we have a scenario where teams can have the privilege or the calamity of having games in hand over others or the other way of having to look on and know its not in their hands, that being said as things stand Aston Villa are leading this race as it heats up towards the second half of the season.

Villa will have to look on and worry however, with clubs such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United all holding title ambitions and you can’t rule out West Brom either with the team they have gathered together recently to push in the second half of the marathon that is the Premier League. Arsenal will undoubtedly not give in easily being the reigning champions and being so dominant last season they seem to be facing a new reality that has shook the team right to the core and seen many a change throughout the season and has seen many members of the site wonder just what is going on behind the scenes at a club who not so long ago swept everyone away with their domination last season, it is Villa and Chelsea who have shot up the table from last season to surprise the rest of the league, Liverpool having won the league in Season 4 will be looking to get their hands on the trophy once again.

There are some key players who have earned some well deserved acknowledgement for their services to their respective clubs and you can only help but start with the Villa defence who have been a brick wall at times and so far have the best defensive record in the league, but the players who are ruling the roost in the league and providing the goods, so a shout-out to the likes of v Famousss, cNathh, MrOggey, Mitchkin89 all leading their respective clubs scoring charts this season in the Prem but without the help of the men providing them the chances where would they be, so a mention for a man who seems to always help his team out in getting assists its Lord Oates, there are many others who deserve a mention such as cBryy, cNathh and V4 Zanetti who are all tied at liverpool with the same amount of assists showing there is no shortage of chances in the Liverpool games, Bensbladez and GREENO1986 also deserve special mention for their contribution to their teams Manchester United and Chelsea respectively.

But what would any team be without its defenders and the man between the sticks,  people such as dL Koscielny of Villa, CamHendo and Squiz of Chelsea, V4 Zanetti and CamCun97 of Liverpool with plenty of clean sheets gathered and at Arsenal we have Kaiser a familiar name in the TOTW people will have seen and no doubt a key player should Arsenal get their title challenge back on track, there have been many stand out players however who do deserve a mention and will be looking to impress in this second half of the season.

And last but by no means least we must give a big mention to the GK’s who are taking the pressure of the role on they are the last line of defence and it takes a special person to take it on and know your team needs you in the midst of a title challenge so to ICANBEGENTLE, V1 Sparta, and Itz L1nkzy who have all done their bit to keep their clubs in with a shot of the title.

So to all teams concerned get the training in and work hard because come the end of the season it will be worth it all when you have the trophy in your hands and the bragging rights for next season, and remember win or lose you’re fighting for the ultimate prize and legacies will be made and maybe some broken but alliances will be made and new friends gained in what is becoming a more and more exciting season on VFA.

Author – VFA Cam

Graphic’s – VFA Will

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General – VFA Cam @vfa-gotze

England – VFA Hatton @vfa-hatton

Germany – VFA Nathan @vfa-nathan

Spain – VFA Tom @vfa-tom

  1. Profile photo of Unique Hatton
    Unique Hatton 1 year ago

    Aston Villa aren’t title contenders we’re simply hoping for a top ten finish and we will continue to push for that until the end of the season.

  2. Profile photo of VFA HaydieT
    VFA HaydieT 1 year ago

    great write up cam

  3. Profile photo of Famous I 9
    Famous I 9 1 year ago

    Gunna go down to the last game?

  4. Profile photo of IE IMI IR IE 23
    IE IMI IR IE 23 1 year ago

    Where’s the unsung hero’s cdms in this article… Lol.otherwise nice news 🙂

  5. Profile photo of CamHendo
    CamHendo 1 year ago

    Finally a non-bias write up! Well played great article it’s good you took the on the fence approach writing it!

  6. Profile photo of V11 Martial
    V11 Martial 1 year ago

    what going on behind the scenes at Arsenal?
    its because Lewis isn’t playing 😉 lol

  7. Profile photo of VFA General
    VFA General 1 year ago

    Haha us CDM are like ghost we do our bit 😉 good read

  8. Profile photo of V4 Vieira
    V4 Vieira 1 year ago

    Good write up 🙂

    Had it easy last season, nice for some competition.

    Good luck to all 🙂

  9. Profile photo of VFA Cam Author
    VFA Cam 1 year ago

    Thanks guys was my first effort at something like this I have taken on board what people have said and will be sure not to foget these improvements, bundesliga one should be up soon having been submitted last night, once again thanks for reading

  10. Profile photo of oG l Maestro
    oG l Maestro 1 year ago

    Looking for a club former VFL CDM

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