How Do I Submit Results? (Club Management Only)

There is only one way to submit results, and it is up to you when you do them. As long as it is done by Midnight on Game Nights.

Submitting Results is a key part to the site, once both teams have submitted the same result the league table or cup can be updated. Within submitting results you can submit stats for all of your players. If you don’t submit stats, your players wont get their match bonuses and their site statistics wont be recorded, which may upset them.

Failing to submit results can lead to disciplinary action, including warnings, coin fines, point deductions, and bans!

Step One – Finding Your Fixtures

There are several ways to find your fixtures, I will explain the quickest way. You may have your own way, which is fine.

Hover over your name until you see the drop down menu, and click ‘Your Clubs’.

Finding Your Club


You will now see your clubs badge, click it.

Your Club


Once inside your club, click fixtures.

Inside Your Club


You will now see all of your fixtures which you need to submit results for. You will see ‘Submit Results’ in red on the right hand side. Choose which fixture you want to submit results for and click ‘Submit Results’.



Step Two – Submitting Results and Stats

You should now be able to see the ‘Submit Fixture Results’, you will have the Home Team and the Away Team. Click on the box next to each team, and select the correct score from the drop down menu. Be extra careful to get the score correct and the right way around.

Submit Scoreline


Once you have input the score, you will see underneath where to input each players stats. All of which are on a drop down menu, you simply click each box and select the right user, position and number for each box.

Player Stats


Once you have input stats for each players, click ‘Submit All’.

Submit All


Once you have clicked ‘Submit All’. You will receive one of two messages.

One to say Fixture Result Confirmed – Which means that the other team has submitted their results and it matches, and everything is ok.


One to say Fixture Pending – Which means your result doe’s not match the oppositions, or they haven’t submitted their result yet. You can go back into the fixture and check everything if you are concerned that you may of missed something, and re-submit. All previous information input will be saved so you wont have to re-input every bit of information again.


Thanks for reading, and should you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.



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