How do I find a Club?

There are several ways to find a club to trial/sign for…


First of all, we recommend posting a thread in the players lounge.

Follow these steps… (Hint! – You can click on the pictures to make them full screen)

Hover over ‘TheVFA Network’ a drop down menu should appear, click ‘Forums’.

Finding the Forums


When inside the forums, scroll down and you will find ‘TheVFA Players Lounge’, here you will find ‘Free Agents Looking for a Club’, ‘Clubs Looking for Players’ and ‘TheVFA Scout’. Don’t worry we will explore all of these options during this tutorial. Click on ”Free Agents Looking for a Club’.

Players Lounge


Now your inside the ‘Free Agents Looking for a Club’ forum, you will see that there are a few options, your playing position will determine where you post your thread. For the tutorial, we are going to click on ‘Midfielder’s Looking for a Club’. If you play in several positions, you are welcome to post in each forum.

Free Agents Looking for a Club


Feel free to look at other users threads, for ideas, and inspiration, once inside. When you are ready to make a thread of your own, scroll down and you will see a text box ‘Create New Topic in “Looking for a Club”. You have to put a Topic Title to post a thread, make it something that is going to stand out, so Manager’s click on it. In the large text box, provide as much or as little details as you like. Remember, this is your chance to sell yourself, make those Manager’s want you in their teams. Provide details, such as Gamertag, Availability etc. When you are happy with your post, click submit and wait for the Manager’s to contact you. You should receive an e-mail notification when a reply has been made.

Midfielders Looking for a Club


Secondly, we are going to look at ‘Clubs Looking for Players’ for the more proactive user, this allows you to see what VFA Clubs are looking for.

Players Lounge


Once inside the forum, you will see that there are several leagues on offer. Depending on which league you wish to play in, select the right one for you. For the purpose of the tutorial we will be clicking ‘TheVFA Premier League Clubs’.

TheVFA Premier League Clubs


In this area, clubs will make it public of which positions they require for their team. Some will also look to sell their club to you, so you want to play for them. Once you have decided on a team or teams which suits you, reply to their thread. We recommend trying different teams, and taking time to pick the right choice of club for you. Also, feel free to contact the Manager’s direct on XBOX ONE, they would like to hear from you.

Another way to find a team, via ‘TheVFA Messenger’

Ok, so you have probably noticed ‘TheVFA Messenger’. it’s a great way to see who is online, and further to that you can contact another user who is online instantly.



Within the messenger, you will find some pre-set lobbies or chat rooms. Go to ‘Free Agents Chat’

Free Agent Chat


You will now have a window pop up, and you can ask people to trial you instantly.

Type Here FA Chat


The last option to discuss is ‘TheVFA Scout’.

When you can’t find a club, you can apply to the scout to find one for you. The service will cost you coins, and it does also rely on Clubs asking the scout to find them players.

Thanks for reading, and should you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.


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