[GOTW] S05W1 Winner!

S05W1 Rynaldo G4


Goal of the Week Winner!


Rynaldo has claimed the plaudits this week for his fantastic strike vs Eintracht Frankfurt, which put Darmstadt 2-1 up.

With the ball deep in Darmstadt’s half, Frankfurt we’re left in awre, when brildinho990 spotted an opposition Defender deep inside their own half and launched a precise 60 yard ball up field to Rynaldo. What happended next was simply sublime, with the ball approaching him from some distance, Ry positioned himself perfectly, watching the ball all the way and performed an Overhead kick which stunned the on coming Frankfurt Keeper as he could all but watch the ball fly past him into the net.

Ryanldo claimed 43.75% of the votes.

Congratulations Ry!

Think you can do better?

Then don’t forget to submit your goals this weekend!

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  1. Profile photo of DisDaneDK
    DisDaneDK 1 year ago

    Well deserved, perfect execution all the way and whoever was keeper must feel like a fool.

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