Boot Sponsorship’s Now Active

Boot Sponsorship Is Now Live

As promised the boot sponsorship system is now live and active for all players and managers of TheVFA.  Visit the shop to upgrade your boot partnership on your dashboard and reap the rewards of paid footwear.

What Is It?

The boot sponsorship is a weekly upgrade that loyal players can take advantage of and receive a set amount of coins for each game they play over the upcoming weekend.  The holder of each boot deal will pay a down payment to acquire the boot in the shop and then will receive a set number of coins for each game played up to a maximum of 10.  The set number of coins is dependent on the boot partnership picked and is detailed in that items shop description.

So, Free Coins?

Essentially yes.  However, due to the down-payment/deposit paid by the player to acquire the deal, should they not play 5 or more games in the upcoming weekend they will make a loss on their investment.  Boot sponsorship will only be rewarding to players who turn up and feature in the weekend’s games

Can I change My Boot Deal?

Yes, the boot deal is only valid for one game weekend at a time, every Tuesday morning the current deals will be paid out and the contracts terminated allowing you to sign another deal for the upcoming weekend.   Boot deals can be signed between Tuesday 9am – Friday 6pm HERE.  If you have an existing deal you may sign another at the cost of losing your investment used to acquire the first deal.

So Just Get The Highest Deal?

Boot sponsorship deals are limited in their numbers on a first come first served basis.  Each deal will be limited in quantity for each week and once a deal has been purchased its maximum amount of times it will be unavailable to everyone else on TheVFA.  The higher more prestigious the boot deal the less it will be available.


All current deals that were signed before this announcement will be honored and paid/reset on Tuesday in line with any deals that are signed before Friday’s 6pm deadline.  Standby for more upgrades and changes coming to the coins system and shop/upgrades areas in our bid to be always evolving and improving



  1. Profile photo of Lee13 x
    Lee13 x 1 year ago

    can i be sponsered by nike

  2. Profile photo of EthanBevan99
    EthanBevan99 9 months ago

    Can I sponsor Adidas?

  3. Profile photo of EthanBevan99
    EthanBevan99 9 months ago

    *be sponsored by adidas

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